Production of a Saga Boat

Outstanding raw materials are an important precondition in order to produce a product of the best quality possible.
The mould is thoroughly polished and inspected before it is ready for a new cast. The finish of the final product depends on the quality of the casting mould and the treatment of these before each cast. Saga Boats uses modern 3D-equipment during the production of new casting moulds.
The working environment in the fibreglass foundry division is safeguarded by a central ventilation plant. All hulls and decks are produced by vacuum infusion or hand laid up glass-reinforced polyester in a modern central foundry. This is done in order to achieve fibreglass laminate of the highest possible quality. By using moulded fibreglass sections, a more rigid and durable construction is achieved compared with more traditional constructions made of wood.
The engine is installed at an early stage of the process in order to simplify the work. This ensures high-quality installation of all the critical components related to the engine. The hull is now ready for joining together with the deck. All tubes, cables and installations are carefully adjusted to the hull and deck in order to ensure efficient production, combined with easy access for necessary service at a later stage.
What mainly remains before the boat is finished is the wood fittings, completion of the technical work and installation of the aft-wall. The wood fittings are produced at modern furniture factories to ensure a high level of quality and a flawless finish. This is an important feature of Saga boats.
All Saga boats undergo a careful quality control with extensive testing and test-driving performed by our most experienced workers.
The boats are delivered direct at sea at the yard, by trailer or by cargo boats along the coast.
Maybe your next boat will be a Saga…….?